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Where is the event held?2019-05-16T07:11:26+00:00

Holiday Inn Regent’s Park
Carburton St, London, W1W 5EE
(The nearest station is Great Portland Street)

Is this women in business event only for women to attend as some women conferences excludes men?2019-04-08T05:36:21+00:00

Men are welcome to attend as I am very confident that lots of women could possibly be missing out on amazing opportunities that men can provide.

How many people are you expecting2019-04-08T05:37:14+00:00

We expect around 100-200 to attend so bring your business cards to network and please arrive early as we expect a full house.

How do I go about speaking or exhibiting at this event?2019-04-08T05:38:15+00:00

We have some amazing packages to speak and exhibit, please check them out from here

Will there be lunch and refreshments available on the day2019-04-08T05:39:31+00:00

Yes, for our VIP ticket holders – please open here for more information.

Do you have an event schedule?2019-04-08T05:40:02+00:00

At this stage we don’t have a finalised event schedule with exact times, as we are still preparing the agenda and organising speakers. What we can tell you, is that this will be an action-packed event with so much added value, as Des O’Connor and his team always over-deliver! There’s a reason why Des is an award-winning business expert, as he always holds packed out events and is an in-demand international speaker. Please stand by for more details once the event schedule is finalised.

Who else is speaking?2019-04-08T05:41:22+00:00

We are still in the process of confirming a few more speakers. As soon as contracts are signed, we will let you know who they are. Rest assured, all our speakers will be WORLD CLASS! Des and his team have a strong network of contacts with some of the most prestigious expert speakers in our industry, and we are working to finalise the details.


Will I be able to speak to Des and the Speakers?2019-04-08T05:42:29+00:00

It depends on what level of ticket you purchase. To be fair we have included some upgraded paying tickets which offer premium experiences and thousands of pounds of bonuses. For example, depending on your level of support, you can experience refreshments, lunch and massive digital bonuses valued over £2000. Open here for more information

I would like to contact Des O’Connor and Sharon Callix personally, how do I do this please?2019-04-08T05:45:47+00:00

Des and Sharon would love to hear from you, and he is always looking to collaborate and improve people’s business. To contact Des, please open here, To contact Sharon please open here.

Who is Des O’Connor?2019-04-08T05:46:46+00:00

Des O’Connor is anAward Winning Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, International Speaker and Founder of professional development seminars for Social Media Marketing and Women in Business. He creates, inspires and empowers Women Business Experts with coaching, consulting, and powerful marketing strategies.

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Who is Sharon Callix?2019-04-08T05:47:30+00:00
When are your next events and how do I speak at them?2019-04-08T05:49:24+00:00